Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special: Tips from A-1 Home Care in Hollywood

a-1 domestic non medical elder careAs Cupid’s holiday approaches, many seniors who live alone or in convalescent homes would love to feel showered by quality time and companionship. Don’t let your elderly loved one be socially isolated on this day! If you are physically unable to be there for your parents or grandparents, you can entrust your loved ones in the care of A-1 Home Care in Hollywood whose highly skilled caregivers and companions are great at making any holiday special for seniors.

Special V-Day Treats  

What’s a home care companion to do when her elderly client is down and out? Home care services include meal preparation, light housekeeping, companionship, and transportation in Hollywood or neighboring towns. A-1 Home Care’s certified nurse aide can take your loved one to their grandchildren’s home or bring the children to their grandparents. They can decorate the house with flowers and make a special Valentine’s meal, reminding your elderly loved ones how special they are. Perhaps your parent or grandparent always had a recipe just for Valentine’s Day, but they can no longer prepare it on their own due to Arthritis or Gout. Our caregivers can follow that recipe and make the dinner for your parent or grandparents. Give pictures to your loved ones so they can make a scrapbook with the assistance of a companion care aide. There’s a myriad of ways to make Valentine’s Day special for your seniors, and A-1 Home Care does a great job of helping seniors take their mind off depression.

A-1 Home Care: Not Just Your Typical Agency

After 23 years, A-1 Home Care Agency in Hollywood is still going strong because of the values we uphold: compassion, competence, and connection. We believe it takes two hands and a golden heart to serve; taking care of the elderly requires a special kind of personality with a lot of love in their heart, and elder care is not for everyone. The unique disposition of senior care calls for caregivers who have a calling in life to take on this noble task. A-1 Home Care is meticulous about screening caregivers, certified nurse aides, home health aides and companions. We would not just send you anyone. The compatibility of an elder with a caregiver has to be the right fit. In addition to the extensive criminal background checks and reference checks, we also include our clients in the selection of caregivers. We want you to be completely sure of who’s coming into your home so you feel safe and secure.

To hire a caregiver today, please call A-1 Home Care today (310) 657-8780 or visit us online www.hollywoodinhomecare.com for information on elder care services in Hollywood, Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, Arcadia, Sierra Madre, La Canada, and other cities in the area.

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